blog: For anyone who …

For anyone who did not catch it, Evelyn Apoko, a Strongheart fellow, was on CNN last night speaking in response to the Kony campaign. If there is one thing you take time out to do today, please read her story and consider the whole picture regarding “Kony 2012.”

Wow, one month has gone by! Time is flying. I try not to think about its speed. The past two weeks have gone by so fast that they are a bit of a blur. This week was an intense week. I am becoming more and more emotionally invested in the well being of the fellows, and more attached to Robertsport. I thank the universe every day for bringing me here. Although, this week I did feel homesick for the first time. I have always felt so incredibly lucky to have the most amazing friends and family ever, but being on the other side of the world makes me appreciate my loved ones in a completely new light. Life here brings to light everything that I have always known in my heart, but couldn’t see clearly. I am still the same person, but I have a sense of peace in my heart that was a little buried before.  I have learned to be still and to be more careful with where I put my energy. The one thing that has really changed in me its my understanding of just how relative our realities are. Truth and logic are so completely relative. This hit me when a member of the community passed away a couple of weeks ago from being very ill. The diagnosis: witchcraft. It’s all relative.

The fellows have started working on developing a cohesive body of work—something tangible that they can show to the community and possibly submit to publications. All of their ideas are very well thought out and all have the potential to expand into something really excellent. I continue to be impressed by their creativity and confidence in their individual artistic styles. They are living proof that art is universal and that right brainers will take over the world!!! Just joking…kinda.

This coming week I will be investing most of my spare time in my own personal work. It has taken me a few weeks to develop and grasp how I want to illustrate this place in photographs. As usual…it’s complicated and I will spare you my scatter brained thoughts for the time being. There are a few things that I hope to do with it professionally so I will wait until everything is farther along to post photos. Hopefully the work will be able to speak for itself soon enough.

Let’see…what else..every day something significant happens here. I would love to say that life here is simple. It is not. But the 180 degree difference in complexities from life at home continues to revive me.

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