Annabelle & Ian

Annabelle and Ian! Quite possibly the most polite, sweet kiddos I have ever met and capturing their young spirits today was a true pleasure.

These two just happen to be my neighbors. I see and hear them running around with their friends after school, creating their own world in the hidden pockets of the Texas hill country, climbing trees, lying in the tall grass so that no one can see them. I love this so very much, because it reminds me of what it feels like to be a kid. The sense of freedom after a long day at school, running wild into the open fields until the golden sun decides to set and the cool air pushes you in. What we all wouldn’t give for that feeling again.

I hope that when Annabelle and Ian look at these pictures 20 years from now, they remember that feeling as if it were yesterday. And I hope that their parents, Faith and Jon (who by the way are the kind of neighbors one could only dream of having), feel the warmth of these precious people they created. Because at the end of the day, what else really matters?

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