Natalie and Darren in Brooklyn, NYC

Eeeee! I have been wanting to blog this wedding for so long now! High school sweethearts Natalie and Darren planned there wedding in Brooklyn where Darren attended grad school at Columbia. For a destination wedding, this event was filled with the most “at home” vibe you could ever imagine. SO MUCH LOVE, SO MUCH FUN. It was one of those weddings you wished would never end.  My words are failing me because it is impossible to describe how wonderful this day was. Natalie and Darren, you are so very loved by so many wonderful people. I wish all the happiness that this world has to bring you.

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One thought on “Natalie and Darren in Brooklyn, NYC

  1. Loved your all color introduction and then switchover to black, white & yellow. Wow! Party was on a ferry in Brooklyn….booked for weddings, etc?/ Herb & I were married in the Plaza Hotel in NYC. Mags came the day before the wedding and left the day after. We were so happy she as there. . Have to show our wedding photos sometime. We were 36 and 39 and I was running out of eggs we rudely discovered, so we had to get married after living together for 12 yrs in the village. We got Josh, thank heavens, instead of our own genes. Became parents at 39 and 41…perfect. Your photo art with people is gifted.

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