Second week in-it already feels like I am living another life.

Cousin Tim and his friend Justin (his partner in building the school in Kakata) were here for the weekend. They had been here over Christmas and really loved it so they wanted to come for one last visit before heading back to the states. It was so, so great to hang out with them. Unfortunately, Tim got Malaria. We went to the hospital this morning to get him tested and treated, and went back tonight for a second treatment. The hospital here is in the most inconvenient place. It is up in the hills, so it is not a very fun walk for a sick person. Despite a raging fever he hung in like a champ. They will travel back to Monrovia tomorrow to catch their plane back to the US. Sending positive energy and prayers for safe travels in their journey would be much appreciated!

In class this week we worked on the stop motion project. No easy task but the fellows are making great progress in their understanding of the cameras and are working hard. Getting to know them all a little better every day.

Other than Tim and Justin coming it was a pretty mellow week. I will blog sometime this week with photos of the wedding and other things. For tonight, it’s sleepy time.
Thinking of everyone lots. Hope all is well.

Oh yeah, jiggers are these little worms that live in the sand and somehow get under your skin in your toes. The can’t hurt you but you have to cut them out with a razor blade. Took out my first jigger the other day. It was gross.

One thought on “Jiggas

  1. Belle. finally got blogged in the right way. When you wake up in am, where do you think you are and how does it feel? Bed still is comforting? Location sounds fascinating. So sorry about tim. He sounds like an interesting guy. Your cousin, whose son on Dad’s side?
    Lot’s of love across the freakin ocean! Laur

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